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Because welding is a challenge, we pay a lot of attention to it and perform it professionally.

At Multimetal, we provide STEEL, ALUMINIUM and STAINLESS STEEL welding services using TIG processes and MIG/MAG processes. We manufacture welded pieces in small and large batches as well as welded pieces of small and large weights for our clients.

Our welding processes are certified according to the following standards:
SIST EN ISO 3834-2:2006
SIST EN 1090-1:2009+ A1:2012 EXC 3

The requested construction quality is provided by our competent and experienced locksmiths, welders and technologists. We employ motivated and inquiring personnel that know-how flows through into the company and also spreads throughout it. Know-how also flows into the company through external experts who we work with on a daily basis for welding, machine engineering and design jobs.

Although people are the key to success, we believe that work can be made simpler with professional and adequately maintained tools. When it comes to welding machines, we rely on LORCH and FRONIUSwelding machines, as past experience has shown that these two brands have proven to be reliable tools even with challenging orders. DEMMELER welding tables with accessories allow our locksmiths to precisely assemble welded pieces.

We know that precision in mechanical engineering represents quality and the foundation we are building long-term relationships with our clients on is quality.


Contact us if you require CNC plasma metal cutting.

V podjetju Multimetal ponujamo CNC plazemski razrez kovin. Režemo jeklo do debeline 150 mm, inox do 25 mm in aluminij do 30 mm. Razrez izvajamo na CNC mizi MicroStep z dimenzijami 2500 x 6000 mm. Na mizo je priključen Plazemski izvor Kjellberg plasma source..

The roughness of the cut, perpendicularity and skewness of the edges conforms to:
EN ISO 9013:2017.

Quotes for cut-outs are made based on dxf files which we accept via e-mail. Delivery times for cut sheet vary and will be determined upon order. We can also provide CNC plasma cutting services only and the client supplies the sheet if they request it. Delivery can be arranged upon the client’s request.

Razrez z Water jet cutting and laser cutting is provided by our business partners. 


When our clients require a comprehensive solution, we work with the very best.

Cooperation with external partners allows Multimetal to provide a full-range of surface protection methods including:

  • Hot-dip galvanizing,
  • Galvanizing,
  • Powder coating,
  • Spray varnishing.

Corrosion protection is necessary in order to prolong the service life of products and at the same time enhance product appearance. The type of protection depends on the environment and how the product is used.

All of the partners we work with for providing surface protection are experienced businesses with the know-how and professional equipment, and they provide a warranty for their completed work..


When our clients require a comprehensive solution, we work with the very best.

As part of our full-range of services, cooperating with external partners allows Multimetal to provide product machining: welded pieces or workpieces may be small or large in size as well as in weight.

All of the partners we work with are businesses that regularly service their metal processing machines and regularly carry out levelling measurements in order to ensure high and reproducible machining quality.